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Eclectic bold and a big lover of life,join me on this exciting and scary journey.


About Me.

I am  Muma Sinkala, a lover of life and an eternal happiness champion. I like to think of myself as the lady that wears the white hat or many hats (AKA Scandal if you have watched it).


I do not like to define myself by the jobs I do, I would rather be dynamic.I describe myself as an iridescent, creative alchemist. I consult on a technical portoflio for financial services,working with emerging tech and various external stakeholders on projects. In my other life I curate art events, that promote contemporary African art and help artists find residencies in various locales,please see the future projects part of the site.I am working on an emerging tech based social impact idea, for which I am looking for volunteers interested in using their tech skills or learning on the job,they must be passionate about tech,impact and creating financial change in their own lives. My biggest passion is social impact and diversity in tech. I am a woman; I am black and typically in a male dominated role,hence the push for more diversity.I believe in abundance and being kind.Go fetch  your life and use your best resource- YOU!

I am also a poet.One day when I gather the courage,I would like to publish my work.

Currently my vibrations are extremely high, I am feeling excited, nervous smiling all the time since I partook of this being me journey, because I am learning so much and seeing how I can best be of service. For women interested in a safe space community,I ran a facebook page called SYTYCI.And for men and women looking to be mnetored or connected to tech business or other resources email me on my contacts below. So come along explore my site and give any sggestions on what you wish to see…

Change is a dynamic process,of which you have to partake in order to become your highest self-Muma.

Your Lived Experience is your value! Don't let others determine how valuable this is.-Muma.


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